We have been a digital distributor since 2005 noticing at the time the new ‘digital’ format and realizing that this was to be the future of the music business at a very early stage.  We’re offering a highly professional service for like-minded labels who release consistently.  We give our labels the tools and advise to make the digital distribution and sales of your release a success.

Below is an overview of what you can expect from us.

  • Digitising & delivery of catalogue is all carried out in-house.
  • You can directly enter your release in our Label Management System (LMS).  Once submitted we automatically convert your release into the many different formats each outlet requires. The process is faster and less prone to (human) errors, giving you complete control of your releases directly to the stores / outlets.
  • Promotional options to choose from. We offer promotional tips on how to help your releases get noticed, and in turn sell better on the stores / outlets. In addition to this we can offer a service to online promotional mail outs of your releases to the most important DJ’s in your genre of music.
  • Label management & expert knowledge within the industry at your disposal: Everyone in our team are experts in their area and build on solid experience to deliver the best possible and personal service to you. From promotions to legal issues, delivery to technical problem solving, you’ll always receive a prompt reply from us and if there is a new outlet you want your release to be on or something else you’d like to see improved, we are always open to suggestions and will investigate further.
  • Time saving tools: Our Label Management System (LMS) allows you to upload and insert your release directly into our delivery system. No Excel sheets to fill out. Your audio files are validated, information like track duration is automatically generated and our genre-selector ensures the best possible match on every store. You are able to create your own ‘Clip preview’ start times on your tracks. All information is saved in your unique secure LMS so you can access any of your back catalogue track or release information at anytime.
  • Statements and weekly sales statistics: We give monthly download statements that offer bundle, individual track sales and specify on which outlet as well as monthly streaming statements. Daily stats are also available so you can see how your new release is doing. In addition we offer a myriad of sales statistics.
  • Label publishing: We offer your label full Rights Management to be able to set your label up as its own publisher at no cost to you. This allows you to be able to collect income on your radio plays, public performances, mechanicals, etc. Being a digital distributor we know your labels exact track & release sales so we know what should be getting paid to the relevant collecting society.  We have a unique inside advantage for you.
  • Benefits of doing business with We Speak Muzik – you remain in control of your music: We provide you with ISRC codes and UPC codes for your releases, although we encourage you to use your own. Licensing of your catalogue to other labels doesn’t affect any agreement with us. We do not own the rights of any of your catalogue, you only give us the right to represent your catalogue for the specific usage over a certain period of time.
  • We take digital distribution seriously (not as a vinyl by product), lifecycle management for releases, in-house IT, management of back-catalogue, support, promotion, marketing…

We are constantly looking for new avenues for labels to increase sales and get more information and statistics.  Our system is in constant upgrade as new developments are made within the digital music business.  We professionally evaluate all that is useful for our labels and implement those new findings that we feel would actually benefit our clients. We are always open to listening to our labels suggestions regarding improvements and new ideas.